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  • Subterranean Termite Removal

    If termites have gotten into your home, there is no time to waste. Florida Pest Services will do a FREE evaluation and develop a customized plan to rid your property of the infestation and protect it from future issues. Our services include:

    •  Liquid termite treatments

    •  Bait and monitoring treatments

    •  Continuous termite protection plan/renewable service agreement

South Florida Termite Protection

Termites cause more property damage each year than fires, floods and hurricanes combined.

Subterranean Termites are especially active in this region between the months of February and March. They come out to swarm by the hundreds and start new colonies in this area. People often mistake this swarm for flying ants found inside of their home.

If there is a swarm inside of your home termites feeding off of wood in that area for three or more years.

They cause the some of the greatest damage to homes because their colonies are so large. A few hundred thousand termites make up one colony, which can eat a door-jambs worth of wood in a week.

Green Chemistry Challenge

Subterranean termites live under the ground and forage up to 100 feet away from where the colony is located. They feed off of different areas including stumps, wooden trusses, trees and anything with a good wood supply. They can cross property lines underground and move to different areas undetected.

Florida Pest Services treats your home with the most effective and “Green” way to eliminate Subterranean Termites, the Sentricon® System.

Sentricon CSS patch PMS

Sentricon uses Recruit HD Bait (not a chemical)  and was awarded the Presidential Green Chemistry Award. A professional at Florida Pest Services will install Sentricon System every ten to fifteen feet surrounding a building, this creates a barrier. This system not only destroys Subterranean Termite colonies, it also prevents them from coming back.

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  • Subterranean Termite Facts

    • Subterranean termites require moisture to survive, and they live underground in highly organized societies or “colonies.”
    •  Termite colonies can contain hundreds of thousands of workers.
    •  Termites can enter your home through wood-to-ground contact, by building shelter or mud tubes or by entering directly through cracks in your home’s foundation as small as 1/64 of an inch.
    •  Signs of infestations generally include the presence of swarming termites, discarded wings or damaged wood.
    •  Formosans (a type of Subterranean termite) are the most destructive species of Subterranean termites and their colonies can be enormous – containing hundreds of thousands of members.
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    Thanks to everyone at Florida Pest Services! Finally, after three different companies I got one that does what they promised! No more walking out in the morning to a jungle…

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