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  • Tubes In The Wall

    Florida Pest Services offers Tubes In The Wall,  mean you’ll have one less thing to worry about! This in-house system works to prevent pests by targeting them where they live – inside the walls. Learn more about this cutting-edge technique:

    •  Plastic tubing inside the walls of your home

    •  Linked to service ports outside

    •  Perforated on regular intervals, releasing a fine mist throughout the tube system

    This pest control solution is both convenient and safe; a broad spectrum solution to many types of potential infestation issues. Talk to us today to learn more about this option! It is not just the smart way, it is the Florida Pest Services way.

Benefits of pest Tubes In The Wall system

  • Safety –  Our products are injected inside the walls using the Pest Tubes system, allowing occupation of the structure even during treatment without risk to children, adults or pets.
  • Clean – Chemicals are not being sprayed on the homeowners’ baseboards and in and around their carpeting.
  • Hassle-Free – Pest Tubes provides maximum convenience with a centrally located exterior injection port. Since tubing distributes the material within the walls, there is no need for moving house furnitures or changing plans.
  •  Cost Effective – The Pest Tubes system is a more cost effective means of protecting your home and family from disease carrying pests because of fewer applications, fewer service visits and better results.
  • No Stains or Odors – Containment within the walls puts an end to the staining of carpets, walls, molding, furniture and draperies, and eliminates the problems of odors common with other approaches to pest control and extermination.
  • Professional Service – Highly trained, Certified Pest Control Technicians service the “Inside-the-walls” system to the customer’s complete satisfaction. The skilled professionals are provided with the equipment and support needed to assure that there will be no occurrence of pest infestations in any room of any structure protected by the Pest Tubes system.
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  • Tubes In The Wall Story

      • Taexx, the original Tubes in the Wall® system, ws designed to create a virtual barrier that helps keep pests on the outside of your home, and your family securely nestled within. Taexx is a network of tiny tubes that runs throughout designated walls of your home. This network strikes unwanted guests where they’re the most vulnerable.

    The result? Taexx is an effective service because pest control materials hit bugs where they live, hide, and breed – inside the walls. Materials remain effective longer because they are not exposed to sunlight.

    Your unique needs are determined by your local climate, seasonal changes and other factors. That’s why we combine our nationwide pest control expertise with in-depth local knowledge to create a highly effective, efficient solution that works best for you

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    Thanks to everyone at Florida Pest Services! Finally, after three different companies I got one that does what they promised! No more walking out in the morning to a jungle…

    Author's imageTom JenkinsBoca Raton
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